Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is a picture from Halloween last year. Tyler was a gorilla...
This year he has a new little accessory to go with his costume.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More pictures

Not much to report. We spend our days feeding, sleeping, feeding, and sleeping. So for now, here are a few more pictures of my cute boys.
Jackson playing with Fisher. He loves to sit and talk to Fisher and read him stories. I'm sure Fisher would appreciate it if he was ever awake to enjoy it.
"Take a picture of ME, mom!" He thinks he's really funny when he purposely closes his eyes for pictures.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Boyd

Fisher Robert Boyd arrived Sunday, Sept 18 at 5:48 a.m. 7 lbs 11 oz 21 inches long It's been a crazy weekend, but we are healthy and happy to be home.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Studying & Waiting, Waiting & Studying

The last few months could be easily summarized as "studying & waiting". Tyler takes the dental boards tomorrow. My due date is this coming Saturday. It seems like our whole summer has been consumed by these two thing. Although I would say "studying" is an understatement for what Tyler has been doing. He wakes up at 7am, eats breakfast, and heads to the library to study. Comes home for a quick lunch and goes right back. Comes home for a quick dinner and goes back. Comes home for bed time, collapses from exhaustion (but usually not without cramming in a few more notecards), and then wakes up the next day to start all over again. I've never seen someone so focused. There is no way I could study that many hours every day. He takes occassional breaks to have fun with us, we've still enjoyed our summer, but I have to admit I can't wait for the boards to be over tomorrow. We already have a never-ending pasta bowl Olive Garden celebration planned. Then we'll try to cram in as much fun as we can in the next 1-2 (maybe 3... yikes!) weeks before baby arrives.
Tyler at his White Coat ceremony in August. He starts working in the clinic in a few weeks. It will be a nice change from all the studying and class work he's been doing the past two years.

I would say that if "studying" is an understatment for what Tyler has been doing the past few months, "waiting" is an overstatement. Jackson and I have been pretty busy with my job and baby preparations, but we've been having a lot of fun too.

This is the Spiderman costume he picked for Halloween. Ever since he realized he can get it on himself, we've been seeing a lot of Spiderman around the house. Sometimes he honestly catches me off guard and scares me in that little mask. It's kind of creepy when you're doing dishes in a quiet house and notice out of the corner of your eye a mini-Spiderman perched on the edge of the couch just silently staring at you...

Spiderman and the golf club Tyler got as a present for his White Coat Ceremony. You have to love the muscles in this suit. Doing a Spiderman move in the water fountains. I don't know how this Spiderman obsession started...
Playing in the fountains with Jackson's friends
This picture makes me cringe. I look in the mirror and think "I look okay for how far along I am", but when I see it on camera, I always feel a little shocked and disgusted. I think the mirrors in my house are overly-forgiving. Anyway, this was 37 weeks I think, and Jackson wanted to be in the picture... which I gladly agreed to. His cute little smile keeps some of the focus off my chubby cheeks, right?
Have I mentioned that Jackson has absolutely no instincts when it comes to swimming? He needs to start swimming lessons soon, but they are so expensive here! I took him swimming with his friend Saydee, and was shocked at the difference. She can doggy paddle around the whole pool all by herself, but if Jackson falls in, he instantly freezes and just floats facedown, looking lifeless, until someone scoops him out. It makes me pretty nervous. Shouldn't he at least kick or struggle or make some effort to keep his head above water? I guess we need to work on it.
We found a little tortoise on our back patio. Crazy. We couldn't figure out how it had gotten there. We aren't allowed to have pets in our apartment complex, so our friends who were moving the next day decided to adopt him. Unfortunately, two days after they moved, there were "missing pet tortoise" posters all over the neighborhood. He has been returned to his original home now, although I'm guessing he would have had a lot more fun living with our friends, who moved into a big house out of the city. They even had a turtle pond for him.
The day before our friends moved, we had one final game night with them and a few other friends. Everytime I have people over, I think about how I wish I had a bigger place for party hosting. But then when I see us all crammed into this little apartment having fun, it makes me smile. We're never going to forget these fun years we're having "crammed" in this little apartment "suffering" with the student life... it's actually pretty great!
Above is all the kids distracted by a movie so us adults can play Settlers of Catan, which we did a lot this summer. It's been fabulous.
And a couple final pictures, just because they're cute. Here is Jackson enjoying some delicious jam that our neighbor made for us.
Tyler thought he looked like the Joker on Batman, and made him say "Why so serious!?" It would have been creepy if he wasn't so stinkin' cute about the way he said it.
I guess that about wraps up the last few months for us. Sorry for the marathon post and the lack of blogging, but sitting at our little computer desk has been the last thing I wanted to do lately. Wish Tyler good luck for his boards tomorrow, and wish us luck with the arrival of Baby Boyd #2, whose name has changed so many times that I won't even bother telling you what we're planning on now because it will probably change again... and again. We'll just have to wait until we meet him, which I'm guessing is still a couple weeks away :) We'll keep you posted.