Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy I Love You Day

Happy Valentine's Day
My friend Rendy set up this photoshoot for all the kids living nearby. It was pretty fun. I wish I had realized I had those bright green socks on...
 I rarely get to do Tyler quotes; he's not as funny as Jackson. But I have a good one and it's V-Day related. Stick with me people, I promise it's G-rated :)

Jamie: Is it too late to add something to my Valentine wish list for tomorrow?
Tyler: Probably, but go ahead and give it a shot.
Jamie: I want a leg and...
Tyler (cutting me off mid-sentence): Nope. Out of the question.
Jamie (I finished the sentence anyway): a leg and foot massage.
Tyler: Oh yeah, I could do that. Sorry, I thought you were going to say "legos".
Jackson: "I'm so photogenic. Watch me give the smouldering eyes look."
Fisher: "Really? The 3 year-old is holding me up? I'm going to tip over. I know it."
Jackson: "Haha, I love my little brother."
Fisher: "Yup. Here I go. I'm tipping over. Thanks a lot, mom."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 2012

Fisher's new trick

We enjoyed 3 snow days, which included Tyler's school being cancelled and my work being cancelled. It was great, although by the end of it I was feeling a little stir crazy.

At one point, this snowman was standing up straight and had 2 eyes. Over the 3 days, he kept leaning further and further until he finally collapsed. For the record, I wouldn't recommend using mandarin oranges for eyes; it was creepy, especially at night when he was just staring into our back window.

Thanks to the generosity of a lady on Craiglist, we received this desk for free, along with a very nice free Kenmore dryer, since ours broke. Do you like the Fisher cubby spot? For the record, I'm not a fan of Bumbos on any kind of raised surface, but it was just a cute spot to stick him for a few pictures.

The desk also doubles as a quick-to-make fort. And yes, Fisher is still there, but I promise it's not a regular thing.

 The adorable faces of Fisher.

Last week Tyler and Jackson went to a Motocross show together. Jackson had the time of his life.

Just for the record, this was not supposed to be a set up photo shoot or anything like that. I realize there are about 50 different colors/textures/patterns going on here. He was just playing on his blanket on the floor and looked so cute and smiley that I had to snap a few.