Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Weekend in Oregon

It's been a stressful couple of months and I've been itching for a break, so we decided to do a very last minute trip down to the Oregon coast, since we still have never been. We stayed in an adorable little town called Gearhart in a beautiful condo for my birthday weekend. It was fabulous. I can't believe how much Jackson can enjoy a vacation :)
Running around like crazy, giggling and shouting "don't take a picture of me", while rather obviously posing for pictures. Would you believe he was crying and begging to go home just 5 minutes earlier?
I will never get enough of those eyes...
Showing off the belly button at Haystack Rock
Pretending to be asleep because he doesn't want his picture taken (this was the 5 minutes earlier when he was insisting he just wanted to go home)
Driving the golf cart
I love the way Jackson tries to copy everything Tyler does when we go golfing. He really does want to be just like his dad.
Playing Trivial Pursuit by himself at the condo. He didn't really get it, but he insisted on playing it anyway. He basically just sorted the cards and moved the pieces around for a while.
The beach in Gearhart right in front of our condo was one of the prettiest places I have ever been. Tyler and I decided it was like putting Island Park right next to the beach. Thick gorgeous forests and amazing ocean. We loved it.
Trying to smile into the sunshine
I usually think it's kind of silly when people take pictures of their food unless it's for a recipe blog, but the birthday breakfast that Tyler made me was so pretty and so delicious I couldn't resist. Blueberry waffles topped with fresh strawberries and homemade caramel syrup, my breakfast of choice every Mother's Day and Birthday :)
Oh... and blah, blah, blah, something profound about how I'm 25 now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zoo and Pregnancy Brain

I'm pretty sure I can track Jackson's growth while here in Seattle entirely in zoo pictures. I love that we go a lot though. It's just the perfect place to spend a morning.We went yesterday, and I had a panic-moment. I said to my friend, "Did Jackson just run around that corner? He was going so fast I didn't even see which way he went." She looked at me, glanced at my stroller, and tried not to laugh while she pointed out that he was riding in the stroller I was pushing...
Pregnancy Brain is legitimate, right? I'm not going crazy, right? The picture below is out of focus, but the smiles are so cute I'm posting it anyway. And these pictures are actually from a previous trip to the zoo, not from yesterday. Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny and warm and required sunscreen instead of jackets. I'm already loving summer.