Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hawkins visit for Thanksgiving

My parents and my sister, Whitney, came for Thanksgiving. It was so fun having them here.
Grapevine Mills Aquarium was awesome

The boys spent a fair amount of time on Grandma's iPhone and iPad

We went to the Gaylord Resort to see the Christmas display. They had this indoor sledding hill set-up. $20 to ride and an hour long line. We just watched.

Fisher and Aunt Whitney

When Whitney was a baby, everyone said we were identical. I think we look less alike now, but she's still definitely my sister

Whitney is a big Star Wars fan. She loved the Legoland Star Wars display
Yoda artwork made entirely from Legos

 Legos Dallas Cowboys stadium replica

Tyler discovered how much he loves Chick-fil-a. As a result, we went there FOUR times while my parents were here. Everyone was nice to put up with Tyler's obsession :)

I wonder if Whitney realized that was my smelly sock she's holding over her mouth


Rice Krispie Train decorating

We somehow convinced ourselves to do Black Friday at Walmart. We'll never do it again, but we did get some amazing deals on things we really needed. Vacuum, ottoman, air mattress, really exciting stuff. We did manage to snag TWO of the 14 trampolines they had on special (one was for a friend). It was a little crazy but we have some funny stories and we all had a good time.

The boys got to make their own pizzas at Schlotzky's Deli as part of a playgroup that a friend set up.

The weather was gorgeous, so we ended up giving the boys their trampoline for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. They were so excited. Fisher wants to jump all day every day and while he jumps, gleefully chants "I jumping! I jumping!"

Looking at flowers while disc golfing

Nap time with Grandma. He slept right through Thanksgiving dinner.

Eating frosting

Jackson and the giant santa boots at Gaylord Resort

The centerpiece Jackson made us at preschool

Tyler took a nap on the trampoline box. Seriously... that happened.

My dad said it may have been his favorite Thanksgiving meal ever. I think he was just flattering me. Or maybe he meant the company was the best. Jackson and Fisher are pretty entertaining.

Jackson was a little worn out