Sunday, May 6, 2012

Buzz, Artist, Sunburns, and Sleep Violations

We babysat Jackson's friend and she showed up in her Jesse costume. Jackson immediately ran into his room and put on his Buzz outfit. It was quite the night, complete with staged weddings, Dance Central, and making Fisher be Bullseye.

Trying out the front screen on our new Bloggie Camera. The front screen is great for take-it-yourself photos, our facial expressions are not as great...

I love that Tyler is sporting his short sleeve mission shirt. The long sleeves were too painful on his golf burn.

Taking a fantastic nap... this violates every one of the safe-baby-sleep-rules. Don't worry, I laid next to him the entire time.

Making a bird feeder at preschool... Jackson is SO serious when it comes to his artwork.

Our awesome new Joovy Caboose stroller. It solves all the world's problems, or at least the problem of a toddler that thinks he's too big to sit in a stroller, but still too small to run beside me when I workout. He can hop on and off as he pleases. It's a miracle. I feel so mobile again.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Some of the Hawkins family visited us in April... or was it March? Man, where is the time going?

Also, why are there not more pictures of their visit?

It was so fun having them here. We all enjoyed the new Hunger Games in IMAX, a trip to Miner's Landing for the arcade and carousel, a fabulous art show for the girls and disc golf for the boys.
Swimming was a blast. I'm pretty sure my dad still holds the record for the fastest time down the speed water slide. His technique is perfect.

Jackson and Aunt Whitney using the spray toys

We visited Krispy Kreme for the "After 9pm Half Price Special"... twice

On the carousel... not much of a picture
It was such a fun week. Jackson cried when they left. He spent the following weeks mailing pictures to them and crying everytime he thought about them being gone. His favorite make believe game is when go on the space ship to Idaho and visit Grandma. We are excited to see them briefly in June and see EVERYONE in August. Can't wait!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I often have people ask me if I'll keep having kids until I get a girl. I don't really think of it like that. I love boys, and I would be perfectly content with a family of all boys.
Sure, I gaze at cute little Easter dresses with a twinge of hope, and I did once tear up when shopping for a baby girl baby shower. Ribbons and bows would be fun. But there is just something special about my boys. I love them.

It's so fun watching them become friends. Each night, Jackson and Fisher have "Fisher snuggles time". They lay in Jackson's bed together, looking at the Lite Brite or the glowing star turtle, and just giggle. Jackson will talk and talk and Fisher just stares at his face and listens with a big smile. It's adorable.

I love them and I love how much they love eachother. Fisher's face lights up when he spots Jackson across the room. He does the rubber neck everytime Jackson walks past. Jackson can keep Fisher entertained for hours.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Never-ending Easter

Holidays tend to go on and on in our house. It's like I haven't quite decided which traditions I want yet, so I just try a little of everything. Easter was no exception. We had so much fun and Jackson just finished off the last piece of Easter candy tonight (thank heavens).
At the Ravenna easter egg hunt

At the Laurel Village easter egg hunt

Watching a movie in preparation for Scott's easter egg hunt

Fisher was not a fan of the confetti eggs that Scott made, although Tyler sure had fun with them

Attempted Easter family photo. Nice profile, Fish.

Scott's egg hunt was a week after Easter and the kids went crazy for it. So fun.

We tried to include Fisher in the egg dying festivities. I think he enjoyed himself.

Easter morning. Fisher got baby food and baby spoons. Jackson did a little better than that.

Hunting for eggs...LOVE THIS PICTURE. It's so classic Easter morning.

Mmm... mushed peas. Just what you always wanted from the Easter bunny.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bloggie Videos

We have really been enjoying our new Sony Bloggie Camera. It's nice to have something small that I can keep in my purse for quick photos and videos. We've been doing a lot more videos since we got it. And Tyler likes to play around with the video editting on his Mac. He's put together a few videos so far. They are kind of random mixes, and they're pretty long. I don't expect that anyone but us and maybe the grandparents will view them. But here they are.