Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cute Funnies

I have a friend who puts cute quotes from her kids on the side of her blog. They are my favorite part of her blog. Jackson is starting to learn a few words, so I decided to start something similar. I'll keep it updated when Jackson does something funny. It's on the side of our blog below the countdowns, which by the way, are not counting down correctly.


This morning we were trying to hurry out the door and I decided to check Jackson’s diaper quickly. I realized it was messy and said "Oh no, Jackson, there’s poop in your diaper." He thought about this for a minute, frowned, and replied in a very sarcastic tone "Oh, great!" He’s never used that phrase before. I don’t know where it came from.


We took Jackson in a canoe on Lake Washington a few nights ago. We kept talking about all the waves, trying to avoid the waves, trying to go over some of them so we would bounch up and down, etc. We eventually realized that Jackson was waving his ahnd up in the air with an exhausted look on his face. Everytime we talked about the waves, Jackson thought we were instructing him to wave, and he was very obediently doing it. We tried to explain the difference, but he wasn't understanding, so we started refering to them as "water bumps" so Jackson could rest his arm.


Jackson was very sick last night. Today he was feeling a little better so we decided to try some solids. i gave him a few crackers and said, "These crackers will help your tummy feel better." A few minutes later i looked down to find him holding his shirt up and rubbing the crackers on his tummy... I guess that makes sense.


Jackson invented a new game today. I call it "Role Reversal" or maybe "Wear Mom Out". It works like this: Jackson sits on the park bench and watches me while he instructs me to go up and down the slide over and over again. I probably shouldn't let him be so bossy, but he's so cute and pleasant about it that he gets away with it.


Jackson likes to help me with the laundry. When I fold laundry, I use my chin pressed to my chest to hold the shirt in place. So when Jackson wants to help, he grabs a piece of laundry, squeezes it under his chin, and systematically crumples it into a ball. Then he places his clothing ball on top of one of my laundry piles and smiles and says, "There." It's counterproductive, but really cute. He also pulls down the hand towels in our bathroom and uses those to wipe off the countertop and cupboards. He's really trying to help. Or maybe I'm not keeping the house clean enough for his standards?


Jackson's newest word: "Seinfeld"

That's right. My 20 month old asks me if he can watch Seinfeld... all the time. And when we are watching it and an episode ends, he does sign language for "more". Doesn't this just scream parenting perfection?


It's amazing how Jackson uses the word "oh" more approriately than anyone I have ever met. Maybe you have to be there, but I think it is hilarious. Sometimes I tell him something or teach him something, and he thinks about it for a long time and then just says, "Oh."

More examples:

Mom: Jackson, did you smash up all your carrots so it would look like you ate them?

Jackson: Yeah.

Mom: Well, I need you to actually eat the carrots.

Jackson: Oh. (and he puts a carrot in his mouth)

He was playing with something and humming to himself and didn't realize I was watching. As soon as he saw me looking, he smiled and said, "Oh... hi."

Jackson was waving goodbye to the home teacher, and the home teacher said, "Nope, you gotta give me a fist bump goodbye." Jackson thinks about it for a second. Then says in an almost disappointed voice, "...oh" (then gives the fist bump)


This morning Jackson was pointing to the family room saying something that I couldn't understand. It sounded like "out" so I was trying to guess, and he was getting so frustrated. Everytime I guessed wrong, he would say "No. Ooouuuttt," and then do this weird little dance. I finally figured it out.

Me: You want me to workout?

Jackson: Yeah!

Me: You're ordering me to exercise?!

I stared at him in disbelief for a minute, so he politely patted the back of my leg and said, "Go."

Hehe, and I was thinking of slacking off this morning. It's nice to have a personal trainer I guess.


Jackson was in a bad mood this morning, so Tyler started asking him questions, trying to cheer him up.

Tyler: Do you love mommy?

Jackson: No.

Tyler: Do you love daddy?

Jackson: No.

Tyler: Do you love grandma?

Jackson: No.

Tyler: Do you love grandpa?

Jackson: No. (and so on and so on until...)

Tyler: Do you love Austin?

Jackson: Aut! (nodding yes excitedly)

Tyler went through the questions again a few minutes later and he said "no" to Austin", but "yes to our cute little neighbor, Alaina, so I guess it just depends on the mood.

We have been teaching Jackson about prayer. He has learned to fold his arms and close his eyes (sort of) and say amen at the end, and in general he is pretty reverent during prayers. Last night during family prayer, he accidentally let out the biggest burp I have ever heard from such a small boy. I opened my eyes. He had both hands covering his mouth and really big exclamation eyes. We giggled quietly through the rest of the prayer. Jackson is kind of a neat freak. Jackson was sitting on the carpet next to a bit of dirt from someone's shoe. He was crying. Me: Jackson, why are you sad? He points to the dirt. Me: Are you sad about the dirt? Jackson (in between sobs): Yeah. Me: I will clean it up later today. Jackson: No! Me: Do you want me to clean up the dirt right now? Jackson: Yeah (still sobbing and pointing)

So I get out the vacuum and clean up the dirt. Jackson wipes his tears away, smiles, and starts playing with his toys again.

Our doctor told us to encourage Jackson to use utensils when he eats, so we've been practicing it. Tonight I gave him his fork. For each bite, he stabs the food with the fork, lifts it off the tray, pulls the food off the fork with his other hand, and then uses that hand to put the food into his mouth. What am I missing here? Jackson has learned the parts of a face. You can say "Where is the nose/mouth/ears?" and he points to the approriate part. The other night, Tyler was holding Jackson and talking to me about school. He said something like, "I'll see what he knows." Jackson got really excited and pointed to Tyler's nose. Homophones are so confusing. The English language is ridiculous. We are trying to help Jackson learn more words. He makes the sounds, but still doesn't always associate them correctly. Recently I have been pointing to myself and saying "I am Mom. Who am I?" And then Jackson says "Mom." So a few days ago, I asked "Where is Mom?" He pointed to his own chest. I realized that I always point to my chest when I tell him that I am Mom. I'm pretty sure he thinks that a chest is called "Mom." We'll have to start over with that one.


Lara said...

I love blogs that do that, too. I'm excited to read about Jackson's cute funnies.

The Piersons said...

Jackson looks so adorable in his costume and you are right he did work hard for that candy!