Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a Weekend

Some weekends are particularly fabulous. This was one of those weekends, and I'd like to document it for my own memory.
Friday Night:
Tyler had an intramural football game. I have been really impressed with how good he is. His team is all dental school guys and they are pretty funny to watch. Plus, I'm pretty sure we're the only intramural team that has 5-10 kids running around on the sidelines at any given time. Anyway, Tyler scored the final touchdown of the game for the 2nd week in a row. They were up by several touchdowns in both games, so he didn't technically win it for them, but it still makes me proud. After the game, we picked up a $6 Dominos Pizza and a $1 Redbox... my kind of date night. Tyler read Jackson his favorite book "Tanka, Tanka, Skunk." (If you haven't read it, you should. Jackson giggles everytime we read it. It's a simple, silly book, but still fun.) Tyler has been really busy with his 2nd year, which we knew was coming, but it's still hard to only see him for a few hours before bed each night. Jackson has been particualry missing him, so I think he enjoyed having a little extra time with his dad this weekend. After Jackson went to bed, Tyler and I watched the new Robin Hood. I REALLY love that movie.
Enjoying story time
Love the smile. He's way too happy to have all of his dad's attention.
Saturday we decorated pumpkins. It's one of my favorite traditions, but we skipped it last year since Jackson was too young to really get it. This year we let him do paint and stickers and he definately enjoyed himself. He did NOT want his picture taken. He hates having his shirt off, but it's just easier for messy projects.
Tyler carved the joker from Batman.
And the results... They turned out quite nicely.
Jamie's pumpkin. Jackson requested Shrek.
Tyler's pumpkin. (which also happens to be the back side of my pumpkin... I love being poor college students) Jackson was a little nervous about the scary face.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Funnies (Part 2)

We are planning to have our blog printed into several books, so I like to keep an archive of the cute funnies that I put on the side bar of our blog. I haven't figured out how to get the program we use to print the side bar, so I just keep all of them listed in a blog post so they get copied into the book. The last post was quite a while ago so I decided to start a new one. Just ignore the redundancy.
Cute Funnies:
August 8, 2011 We were coming out of the grocery store and I was getting ready to load the groceries in the car. I still needed to pop the trunk. Jackson loudly yelled "Pop like it's hot pwease!" That's the phrase Tyler says when he needs me to pop the trunk. I'm pretty sure it comes from a dirty rap song or something like that, but when Jackson yells it at his mom, it's pretty dang funny. . June 28, 2011 Dad: Uh-oh. You put your underwear on backwards. Jackson: Oops. *giggles* I thought it was forwards. . June 23, 2011 Jackson has a story book called "I love you through and through". It has cute illustrations of a little boy with blonde spikey hair. He kind of reminds me of Jackson. So yesterday, I tried to put Jackson's name into the story, because he usually loves when I do that. He responded, "Mom! That's not me. That's 'Through & Through.' " I guess he thinks that's the boy's name. . June 10, 2011 **Jackson was going to his friend Alaina's house to be babysat while Tyler and I did a temple trip** Dad: Jackson, can I come to Alaina's house with you today to play? Jackson: No, Daddy. You have to go to the temple and marry mommy. . June 14, 2011 *This conversation happened after Jackson hit a pretty good golf shot with his little driver while we were golfing today* Mom: Nice hit, Jackson! Jackson: Yeah, you knew I could do it. Mom: I did know you could do it because you have your Daddy's good golfing genes. Jackson: Yeah, I know. We have the same basketball shorts. (he must have thought I meant jeans and related that to their matching shorts, which are directly related to good golf shots) . June 12, 2011 Jackson grammer when he's trying to be polite: "Please may I can have watch Kung Fu Panda?" . June 5, 2011 Mom: Jackson, put your pajamas on right now. My patience is running out. Jackson (after quickly putting on his pajamas): Now your patience is going back in. . June 5, 2011 Mom: We have a lot of cleaning to do. Who let this kitchen get so messy? Jackson: Um... Daddy did. . June 5, 2011 During church I pointed to a picture of a child being baptised and tried to quiz Jackson about it to keep him preoccupied. Mom: Do you know what is happening in this picture? Jackson: A "Bath-tism"... Uh-oh, they forgot to take their clothes off. . May 18, 2011 Jackson loves his little nerf dart guns, but he isn't strong enough to cock them himself. So all day long he brings them to me and says, "Mom, will you 'cwock' this so I can shoot you?" And for some reason I always do. . May 15, 2011 Jackson loves getting himself dressed, usually in basketball shorts (despite the pouring rain and cold temperatures) and a mis-matched shirt/sweater/pajama top. The other morning he came out in a particularly ridiculous outfit and proudly declared, "I'm looking pretty cute, huh?" . May 12, 2011 "Mommy, I went poo-poo in the potty. You wanna take a picture?" . April 7th, 2011 Jackson found a small package of conversation hearts leftover from Valentine's Day. He asks me to read each heart to him before he eats it. Jackson: "What 'dis' one say?" Mom: "It says 'WILD CHILD'. That one is perfect for you because you are a wild child." Jackson: (very upset) "I'm NOT wild child! I'm Jackson Kent Boyd" . April 7th, 2011 Every morning Jackson asks for his new favorite cereal, "Apple Jacksons". I'm not sure if it's the name or the sugary apple flavor that he likes. . April 4th, 2011 My little brother is getting married to Stephanie in July. When I was booking airfare I asked Jackson if he wanted to fly to Idaho for Kevin's wedding. He replied, "Oh! I love to get married with Kevin and Stephanie!" . March 9th, 2011 I know Cute Funnies are traditionally things Jackson says, but I had a good Tyler one yesterday, so I'm posting it. Tyler: Our garden starts look really good. I can't believe how fast they're growing. It's just a shame that there is so much zucchini. Jamie: I didn't know you cared. What would you prefer we grew? Tyler: Can we grow Reese's Puffs Cereal? . February 4th, 2011 I gave Jackson a big slice of pizza. He looked at it suspiciously and said "That's not gonna fit in my mouth." . February 2nd, 2011 Jackson: Mom, I want McDonalds. But not any "vegables". Just McDonalds. . January 30th, 2011 Jackson: My "smoovie" has no strawberries. Mom: It has strawberries. They're just chopped up so you can't see them. Jackson: Strawberries chopped up? Oh no! That's so sad. . January 24th, 2011 This morning we were enjoying our daily "Smoot Smoovie" and a little of it spilled on the table. Jackson: Uh-oh. I spilled. Mom: That's okay. I'll get a cloth and clean it up. Jackson: Oh. I help! He must have thought I said "cough" instead of "cloth" because he then coughed on the spill and tried to wipe it up. . January 23rd, 2011 Every morning Jackson requests a fruit smoothie by saying, "Smoot Smoovie pwease." And he gets one every morning because how can you say no to that? . January 19th, 2011 Tyler says really weird things, and when Jackson tries to copy those things, they come out even weirder. Sometimes when something tastes really good, Tyler calls it "Delooshy-tooshy" (from the root word delicious). So the other day Jackson called his lunch "Tasty toosty toosty". . January 12th, 2011 Mom: Jackson, do you want to go play at Alaina's house today? (Alaina lives on the 3rd floor at our apartment complex). Jackson: Um... no. It's just too hard with all of those stairs. Mom: I could carry you up the stairs. Jackson: Oh... okay. . January 7th, 2011 "Oopsie daisy, daisy. I poop something." . November 26th, 2010 Tyler has trained Jackson to tell people he wants to be a dentist when he grows up. So last week I was telling someone about it and we asked him "Jackson, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Instead of his trained response, he answered, "Buzz Lightyear!" . November 25th, 2010 One of Jackson's favorite phrases is "How 'bout..." He uses it A LOT, anytime he wants anything. Here is one of my favorite examples: Jackson: Mommy, I want juice. Mom: Okay, you can have a little juice. Jackson: Oh... how 'bout BIG juice?! My other favorite example happened the other night when I was tucking him into bed. I said good night and was closing the door when he said, "Oh wait. How 'bout kiss?" So I gave him a big kiss and tried to leave again. Then he said, "Oh wait. How 'bout hug?" . November 23rd, 2010 Daddy: Jackson, do you know where Santa Claus lives? Jackson: Idaho! . November 12th, 2010 Yesterday Jackson went to the bathroom in his potty chair for the first time. When he was done, I offered him a chocolate chip as his reward and said it was for him going potty. He looked confused. He held the chocolate chip in one hand, then pointed to his potty chair and said in a concerned tone, "I put it in there?" Haha, no Jackson. You eat it. . November 1st, 2010 Jackson and I were riding in the car when a Taylor Swift song came on the radio. His eyes got really big and he said, "Mommy, I LOVE this song!" Sometimes I think he spends too much time with me. . November 1st, 2010 Jackson: "Mommy, more mac & cheese." Mom: "Here you go." Jackson: "Thank you." Mom: "You're welcome." Jackson: "No... YOU'RE welcome." . October 31st, 2010 Tyler was out of town so I was on my own with Jackson during church. He was doing pretty good, until the really quiet part of the meeting. For no reason at all he yelled out as loud as he could, "Nipple!" Where did that come from? I'm blaming Tyler for a being a little too thorough when he taught Jackson basic anatomy. . October 28th, 2010 We attended a Halloween party for my work tonight. I dressed up as a cave woman. The costume included ratting my hair up huge, wearing a cheetah print toga, and covering my face in brown smudges. When Jackson first saw me all dressed up like this, he said, "Oh mommy... you're beautiful!" . October 9th, 2010 Grandma Hawkins: Jackson, what would you like me to get you for Christmas? Jackson: Um... presents.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lotta Nada

We've finally had some time to do a lot of nothing. It's been great.
Silly slide pictures
Jackson: "I am... monkey!"
Fixing the cars from grandma with the tool set from grandma
He has started running away when he realizes I have the camera
Why is this the face I get when I ask for a smile and he decides to cooperate? I've learned not to ask. You just have to wait for it patiently, and be very fast with the trigger.

Girls, girls, girls

We had a girly weekend with my mom and sisters visiting. Jackson didn't mind. He enjoys the girly stuff. We went to the Seattle Art Museum, enjoyed a cute little Italian place, and even spent a cloudy evening at the beach, where some kind of sea creature must have eaten my sister's phone, because it disappeared that evening and was never seen again.
Swinging with Aunt Whitney Watching the trains at Carkeek Beach
This is the fish slide. It's a little bizarre, but Jackson loves it because of how fast you can go. You go in the fishes mouth and out his...
Everyone relaxing in our messy apartment. Notice all of the purple shirts for game day? We all looked very festive.
Bad lighting, but I needed a cute grandma and Jackson picture (other than the one where she is flying out the "bottom" of the fish slide with Jackson and has a truely terrified look on her face. I decided to save that one for a special occasion.)