Friday, September 28, 2012

Fisher turns 1

My sweet little Fisher, where did your first year go? Thank you for all the fun we've had this year. You make me so happy. You are such an incredible addition to our family. Some of my favorite things that you are doing right...

1. Your "happy crawl" as we've named it. When you crawl, you make happy noises and wag your head enthusiastically from side-to-side. It's sort of like a happy, skipping version of a crawl. It's adorable.

2. I can't make it through the grocery store in under an hour because every grandma in the store has to stop me and hold your hand and smile at you, and you are very good and smiling back. The cashier's at QFC all know you by name and look foward to your high fives each week.

3. If I lie down on my side on the floor, you eagerly crawl towards me. When you get close, you turn around and back up into me. Then you curl un into a ball and snuggle at my stomach, spooning-style, like a little kitten or something. It's pretty awesome. 

4. You give awesome kisses, and you've learned to understand the word "kiss". I think Daddy is your favorite person to kiss. When he asks for a kiss, you eagerly take his cheeks in your hands, open your mouth, and plant a big one right now his lips/nose.

5. Your big brother Jackson is your hero. You follow him around the house all day and laugh at all of his silly antics.

Fisher, you're adorable and we love you so much!
Enjoying the delicious birthday cake, sugar makes him happy :)

At some point we have to ease up on the "fish" puns with Fisher.

I love his expression. He's saying, "Oh hi, I'm about to have some cake and I'm pretty happy about it."

Posing for a photo on the night of his actual birthday. Tyler was out of town for his real birthday, so we kept it low-key. A little cupcake with my family singing via video chat, a bath, and bedtime. After he fell asleep, I did sneak him out of his bed and put him in bed with me for a while to snuggle. I used to do this a lot when he was a little baby. I can't believe how huge he felt in my arms. What a big boy (even though he's technically kind of a little guy, I was surprised to find that his height and weight were only in the 10th percentile at his one year check up)

I really hope he never grows out of loving mommy snuggles.

This was taken on the Sunday afternoon after we celebrated his birthday. I am kind of in awe of my beautiful little/big baby boy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Idaho August 2012

We recently got to spend 3 weeks in Idaho. It was so fun. I'm always a little homesick for Idaho for a few weeks after Idaho trips.
Celebrating Ben's first birthday. He let Fisher crash his party and celebrate early too. Neither of them were shy about the cake.

Tyler and Jackson

Randi, Madden, Tyler, Jackson

Kim and Ben, this kid makes the best faces

Trying to assemble the present from grandma. I'm really excited for Fisher to have one of these cute toy garages. We played with one just like it when I was a kid and we loved it. Fisher loves it too.

Matching pajamas from grandma

Tyler, Jamie, Whitney, Kim, Steph, Kevin

Mmmm... cake. He kept trying to share soggy chunks with people that walked past.