Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I haven't updated my blog forever because our internet has been on the fritz. Here a bunch of pictures/updates on random things that have happened lately. It just wouldn't be a blog without pictures of my baby being messy in his highchair. I read this book on feeding your child. It was very hippie-ish and it talked about the importance of letting babies feed themselves sometimes, so I've been trying that with Jackson. Very messy. I can't really remember why Jackson is sitting in a box, but it's kind of a cute picture. Maybe I could use something like this to contain him, now that he is getting so mobile. One night I was looking at Jackson's hair. It was messed up because of his nap, and it kind of looked like a mullet. I decided it was time for his first haircut. Here is the before picture. He looks scared.
And here's the after. He was quite proud of himself.
When Jackson was born, I bought this white teddy bear to do size comparison pictures with. Each month (sort of) I take a picture of him with the bear. When I first bought the bear, it was a little bit larger than him. Here's the latest. He is getting so big! I'll have to post all of the pictures once the first year is over.
Also, Jackson is getting very good at climbing. He can pull himself up to standing against the couch, wall, bath tub, kitchen drawer, or the side of his crib. He is becomming a little terror!
Tyler got new motorcycle gear recently. Of course, he insisted on having Jackson try some of it on. It's actually kind of cute. I know I can't change the fact that Jackson will eventually be a crazy dirtbike rider like his daddy, so I'm trying to just embrace it.
This is how Jackson sleeps right now. He looks like a stink bug. I used to try to move him or roll him over, but he just goes right back. He crams his head into the corner with his face against the wall, and sticks his bum in the air.

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The Gotch Family said...

He is so adorable, with his giant eyes. I can't believe how mobile he is getting. I dread the day that my kids can go wherever they want.