Wednesday, July 29, 2009

23 Days and Counting

We are counting down to our big move to Seattle. I have been collecting moving boxes from work. We've discovered they are a great containment tool for Jackson, and he actually loves playing in them
In the mean time I have been thinking a lot about moving. It's a big exciting change for us. There are definately some things I will really miss and some things that I am excited to be done with.
Things I will really miss:
  • Working at Melaleuca (depending on the day)
  • Our families
  • My incredible friends
  • Cheap groceries
  • Our very nice apartment for such a low price
  • Being able to get to work in 5 minutes and basically anywhere else in 10
  • Idaho mountains (although Seattle moutains are incredible too)
  • Boating and dirt bikes
  • Island Park
  • Our ward and our fun little 14 year-old Sunday School class
  • Having a garage, a backyard, and upstairs bedrooms so we can open windows in the summer
  • Our dishwasher

Things I will definately NOT miss:

  • Working at Melaleuca (depending on the day)
  • Being away from Jackson all day every day while I work
  • Driving our old truck without A/C in the hot Idaho summer weather (We are selling the truck before we move. We will live close enough to UW that we are going to go down to just one vehicle)
  • Idaho blizzards. We've had several people tell us that Seattle winters are much more mild, and I'm praying its true.
  • Waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for dental school to finally start so Tyler will quit complaining of boredom.

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Lara said...

You will miss me. You will miss catty emails about obnoxious people. I will.