Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chilly Sunshine

All winter long, Jackson and I have been having indoor picnics at Jackson's request. I don't know why it's so fun to spread out a blanket in your living room and eat a sandwich, but he loves it. Today the sun came out, but it was still pretty cold. Around lunch time Jackson got really excited and said, "Mom, how 'bout picnic OUTSIDE?" And he covered his mouth giggling when he said the word "outside", like it was the silliest, greatest idea he's ever had. So we put on our coats, spread out a nice thick blanket over our wet grass, and had a picnic.
I'm not sure why the drumstick came to our picnic?
Jackson's favorite new game is playing with his shadow. He makes it do silly dances and say silly things and just thinks it's hilarious. And he likes to make our shadows look like they are holding hands without us actually holding hands. I'm glad he's so good at entertaining himself.


Lara said...

I should have an indoor picnic with Joci sometime. I bed she would like that.

When I was a kid (albeit older than Jackson) my friends and I loved to trace our shadows. One friend would pose and make their shadow look all silly (on the driveway) and the other one would trace it with a piece of chalk. And you could draw a series of shadows and make it look like one picture. Like have them all doing the YMCA poses. Maybe he'd like that.

Kent said...

I'm having a very stressful day-in-the-life-of-a-lawyer. It pleased me enormously a moment ago when my calendar system popped up my favorite weekly entry: "Check Jamie's blog."
And then I get to see pictures like these and know that my grandson is the happiest kid in the World and has the best Mom in the World. Thanks for keeping this up to date Jamie.
Grandpa Kent