Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rainy Days

These rainy days are killing us. I love Seattle rain, but 3 year-old Jackson is even more energetic than he was as a 2 year-old last fall/winter, and I'm having a hard time keeping him entertained. Not to mention the 8 lb little bundle of joy that has to eat every 3 hours. I'm not a public breastfeeder. I don't think I ever will be. I'm not discrete enough and I'm not bold enough. So we've been a little homebound, enjoying only brief outings to parks/playgrounds/grocery stores when the rain lets up for a few minutes.

So on a particularly rainy day, we decided we needed a fresh batch of play dough, which Jackson enjoyed helping me make and then played with for hours. Look at that concentration.

We made our last batch about 6 months ago and Jackson's favorite shape to make at that time was a snowball. This time around, he is much more advanced. He informed me that he was making a snowman but he was having a hard time with the nose. I was pleasantly surprised when I examined his work.

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