Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes you're so excited to see grandma that you forget to put your pants on

We're sitting at the airport ready to head to Idaho for Christmas. It took us a total of 10 minutes to check 4 bags, get boarding passes, and get through security with a toddler, a sleeping baby, a car seat, and 3 carry-on bags... AMAZING. So now we've got some time to kill and I have a great story to brighten your morning.

This morning, Jackson wakes up at 6am. The first thing he says is "I am so excited to see Grandma Hawkins and Grandma Trish!" So I tell him to get dressed, which is usually a 30 minute process with a lot of arguing. About 30 seconds later, I hear him call out, "Mom, I'm ready!" So I go in his room to find him wearing nothing but his Buzz Lightyear underwear and his socks and shoes on the wrong feet. I laugh and say, "Jackson, you're shoes are on the wrong feet, and I think you forgot your pants and your shirt." He looks down, looks a little embarrassed, and says "Oops. I better put them on."

So far things are going very smooth. I'm going to go back to enjoying my Qdoba Breakfast Burrito, which is really the only reason we do morning flights :) Merry Christmas everyone. Wish us luck with our 3 month old on our flight. See you soon!

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a. maren said...

lol that is adorable! i can't believe you have two kids! and live in seattle...if you're ever down in oregon get in touch!