Friday, April 6, 2012

Confessions: Jackson Said What?!

Jackson has had a couple of wonderfully inappropriate comments lately, and I feel like they should be shared with the world. Feel free to judge me as a horrible parent because things like this come out of his mouth :)

We've been trying to teach Jackson which words are okay to say and which ones aren't. It's not like he's swearing up a storm, but there are just certain words that sound a little off coming out of a 3-year-old. So Jackson has been working on censoring himself. The other day he said, "Mom, I've gotta go take a... ya know.. that bad thing." (He was talking about the word "crap". He needed to poo...)

We also had to teach him not to say "dang it" because he can't say his G's or his N's very well so it just comes out like the real word. So today in the car, he was in an inquisitive mood and asked
Jackson: "Mom, is 'dang cute' a nice word or a bad word? Like if I say 'Fisher is dang cute'. Is that okay?"
Mom: "Yeah, I guess that's okay. He is pretty cute."
Jackson: "Yeah, he is. But sometime's Wolverine says 'I can't see a damn thing!' and that's not okay to say. Wolverine can be kinda bad sometimes."
Mom: **stifling silent giggles** "Yup, that's not very nice of him to say."

Tyler has a friend with darker skin who was over the other day. Later that night, Jackson said, "Dad, what was your friend's name? Like, the one that is brown?"

Today an African American man held the door for us at the store. Jackson got very excited and yelled, "Mom, look! That guy is in the "Throw Your Hands Up In The Air" song video."
Once again I had to avert my eyes and try not to laugh. Just for the record, it was not actually Taio Cruz.
Jackson likes his privacy when he needs to poo. And he always says the funniest things to let me know I need to give him some space. But yesterday's was one of the best. I was in the bathroom doing my hair and he runs in.
Jackson: "Mom, I've gotta poo. You better get out of here. I know you, and you do NOT want to see this!"

All offensive statements aside, you have to love this little boy :)


robin marie said...

I like how he's considerate to have you leave the bathroom before he, you know...

Traci said...

This made me laugh. Really hard. Thanks for sharing. And that Fisher... I need to hold him more.

Rick and Jenny Runyan said...

He is so hilarious! These were so funny, I love how his mind works...what a sweet kid!