Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In June, we got to spend 10 amazing days in California. Tyler had an oral surgery externship at Loma Linda, so we decided to join him for the second week and make a vacation out of it. We went to Disneyland with Tyler's family, spent a week with just the 4 of us Boyds while Tyler completed his externship, and then met my family in San Diego for the last 3 days. It was incredible. We really needed the break.
Jackson and Fisher with cousin Ben. Ben and Fisher are just a few weeks apart. I wish we got to see him more.

Jackson eventually got over his hatred of sand and decided he LOVED the beach. He even told Grandma "I love the way the sand feels in my toes."

Matching shark PJ's, a necessary souvenir

I tend to forget makeup when I'm on vacation. I should quit that habit for the sake of our vacation family photos.

He REALLY overcame his fear of the sand

Between Disneyland, shopping, and all the trips to the swimming pool, Fisher spent a lot of time in his new stroller. He didn't seem to mind. He's such a trooper and actually seemed like he enjoyed himself most of the time.

Fisher and Grandpa waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. Fisher was pretty fascinated by all the rides he got to go on.

Jackson and his Aunt CassieAnn got to take a nap on a cozy Disneyland bench (made of cement) I was a little jealous.

Enjoying the ocean view in San Diego. Thanks to my Grandma and Grandpa Romney for the amazing condo. It's my favorite place on earth :)

This what we saw every time Fisher woke up from a stroller nap.

Jackson started the week terrified of the water, but was pretty brave by the end of it.

After spending a week soaking in chlorine, Jackson complained that his nipples were hurting him. A few minutes later I found him asleep like this, just trying to let those things air out.

My San Diego birthday, fantastic despite Tyler's almost forgetting.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. Jackson is such an active little boy, but every once in a while he slows down to give a good hug or a snuggle. It makes my day.

Jackson and cousin Madden. Times like these make me wish we were in Idaho. Jackson would have so much fun getting to see Madden every day.

The beginning of Jackson's Disneyland nap. See the drool on Tyler's neck? Yeah, that happened...
Jackson was a Disneyland Pro--he rode every ride that he was tall enough for, including Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy Space Mountain the same way again. After sitting next to Jackson for 3 excrutiating minutes while he sobbed and screamed through the entire thing, the ride makes me a little sick to my stomach. I've never seen terror like that from my sweet little boy. But he did it and he said next time we go, he'll be older and will probably like it, even though this time he "hated that stupid ride".

This picture was unfortunately timed, but the really cute thing happened after the picture. He gave Pooh the biggest hug I've ever seen, and then tried to kiss him, which was funny because I'm pretty sure Pooh can't actually bend over. But Jackson just puckered up and waited anyway. After several attempts to bend and twist over, Pooh finally just blew Jackson a kiss, which seemed to work.


Lara said...

How very cute. Fisher has delicious lips. My sister always gets her eyelashes dyed or temporary falsh eyelashes (they last like a month) before vacations so she doesn't have to worry about makeup. Seems smart.

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

NO FISHER IS GROWING!!!!! I miss you guys a lot. Glad you had so much fun though!

t.t.turner said...

What a fun trip! Jackson is hilarious. I'm intrigued by the story of your birthday... :)