Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Summer

Some random assorted pictures from this summer

Seattle has actually been giving us a reasonable amount of good weather. We've been trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible.

I may have already posted this picture. I just can't get over his lips.

Back in June, Jackson's very good friend moved away. We have missed them this summer, but we are very grateful that we got to spend 3 fun years with them here in Seattle.

Father's Day. Cookies and a Daddy refrigerator magnet... what more do you need?

Our good friends just had a beautiful baby girl and were kind enough to bring her over to meet us, and they even let Jackson "hold" her. He was thrilled. She is such an adorable baby.

At the Bellevue 4th of July celebration. See the COD MW3? That's why Tyler wanted the picture.

Jackson's preschool graduation

Enjoying the zoo

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Kelli and Derek Hill said...

This made me so nostalgic!! Miss you guys terribly!