Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Idaho in Photos

Tyler had to start his program on Jun 24 (my birthday), and we didn't close on our house until July 22, so the boys and I decided to stay with family in Idaho for a month. It was such a fun way to spend part of the summer. So here is a photo summary of what we did.
Hiking at the top of China Peak with Grandpa Hawkins

We later realized there was a rattlesnake just a few feet from us

4th of July Parade

Silly faces with Aunt Lindsay

Sleepover with the Landon cousins

Happy 5th birthday

Aunt Whitney... these boys got so spoiled while we were in Idaho

"I'll catch you"

Grandma's pantry was Fisher's favorite hang out. We'll never know how much food he secretly ate in there.

The heat was exhausting, but nothing compared to what we're experiencing here in Dallas

At the top of Scout Mountain. I know everyone says this, but I REALLY miss the mountains. Texas is so painfully flat.

Outer Limits with Grandma Hawkins

Fisher's nap spot in the front of the boat

Jamie wakeboarding... barely

Jackson driving the boat

Kevin, Jamie, Jackson

Jackson and Shaefer being SERIOUS super heroes

The Pocatello Zoo

Skyping with Daddy for the birthday cake

These next few pictures are from Seattle right before we left

Last trip to the Children's Museum


and After

On the very long drive to Idaho (although not as long as the drive from Idaho to Texas, which Tyler and Tyler's dad did so that we wouldn't have to. We were SOOO grateful)


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