Friday, November 8, 2013

How My 5-Year-Old Thinks

The other day I picked Jackson up from preschool and he asked, "Can we get ice cream cones?"

Mom: "No, those are too messy. But I was thinking about getting a Sonic slush."
Jackson (sounding very disappointed): "Fine. I guess we can get a slush."
Mom: "Well, no. I'm not going to take your for a slush if you aren't even excited about it."
Jackson (still in a very disappointed voice): "No, mom. It's fine. Let's just go get a slush."
Mom: "No. We're not getting slushes if you're not even excited about it. We'll just go straight home today."

So Jackson thinks for a few seconds... and then gets his devious little smile.

Jackson: "Wait a second. Did you say glush?"
Mom: "No. I said slush."
Jackson: "Oh. Whoops. I heard you wrong. I though you said glush. If I had heard you say slush I would have said... Yay! Slush! I love slushes!"

And so we got slushes. Not glushes. Because nobody wants a glush.


robin marie said...

HA! I love glushes!

t.t.turner said...

Sneaky little boy - I love this strategy! Miss you guys.