Friday, February 27, 2009

New Car

This week we bought a "new" car. We traded in my Honda Accord for a much newer, lower mile car, but I still really miss my Honda. That was a great car... *sigh* Anyway, the new car is beautiful too. Tyler decided we needed something lower miles before we started dental school. It's a 2008 Toyota Camry with 5,000 miles. (Tyler wants me to tell people its a 2009. It is exactly the same, just one year older) It's the really basic LE model without any fancy features, which is perfect for us, and we got a great deal on it. I know everyone says that, but we really did get an awesome deal for such a new car. Our savings account is a lot smaller now, but I suppose its worth it. I'm still getting used to it but Tyler is in love. I'm just glad that the stress of car shopping is over. Jackson wants to drive it. For anyone who can't tell, we are sitting in our garage. Of course I would never let Jackson in the front seat while we were driving.
Beep Beep! Jackson's favorite feature is the horn.
I was going to take a picture of the car, but it's dark and cold outside. Although really if you want to see what it looks like, just take a drive around the block. I swear every third car out there right now is a Camry.

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