Sunday, May 17, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

We've been spending a lot of time outside the last few weeks, and we have discovered that Jackson hates grass. He doesn't cry or protest if we set him on the grass. He just sits on his bum, lifts his arms up in the air, and then holds his feet up so that none of his skin is touching the grass. I'm pretty sure I could leave him on a blanket in the middle of our lawn and he would stay put all day. Jackson is becoming qutie the little terror climbing all over everything. He tries to balance standing up on his own, but hasn't braved his first steps yet, thank goodness. This morning he climbed up the stairs though. I was dreading the day he figured that out. I guess it's time for a baby gate.
His face is becoming more and more grown up. He doesn't look like a baby anymore. It's fun to watch him grow, but I already miss the cuddly, tiny baby Jackson.

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Lara said...

Stairs already huh? Last week when Justin's brother & family were here, Haiden climbed halfway up our stairs. It was the first time and he's 19 months. :)