Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jackson's Lastest Developments

Here are some of Jackson's newest skills: 1. Giving high fives. 2. Clicking his tongue. At first I thought he was just snapping his mouth, but we realized he actually puts his tongue on the top of his mouth and then snaps it down so that it makes the clicking sound. We clapped the first few times he did it, so now he does it all day anytime someone looks at him. 3. Climbing up stairs. 4. His first zoo trip, and he was suprisingly interested in the animals. The penguins were his favorite. He watched them swim back and forth. The lion made him a little nervous. 5. He also recently discovered a love for animal crackers, and really anything else he can talk his dad into letting him try. 6. Swimming. This weekend we went to Boise and we got him a cute little swimsuit and a baby floater tube to sit in. He discovered that he loves splashing the water with his hands, but hates having water splashed in his face. It was pretty funny to watch him splash as hard as he could, but also be very confused about all the water flying in his face.

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