Friday, June 12, 2009

More of the Boyds

Here they are. More than you ever wanted to see of the Boyds. One of my favorites. I love my cute boys! I'm a little cheesy looking, but so is he.
Jackson doesn't look like he's enjoying the kisses. My younger brother said that Jackson looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model in his "serious" pictures.
We did get a few good smiles from him, usually only if one of us was standing behind the camera doing something silly.
I know they are really cliche, but I just love bridge pictures!
And of course, we got a few cheesy couples pictures. I won't post the kissing ones :)

1 comment:

marianne said...

you guys look so darling. i love the one where you are both kissing jackson. he looks like he's thinking, "come on, you guys, is this really necessary?" hahahahaha!

r u coming to bear lake with the fam? it will be nice for spencer to have a buddy, and it would be great to see you guys.