Monday, June 1, 2009

Missing Cell Phone

Memorial Day weekend we went to Boise with my family. Some time on the trip, we lost Tyler's cell phone. After we got back we turned the car and house upsidedown trying to find it, but no luck. After a few days of searching we called our cell phone company. We were wanting to cancel , but of course, we ended up getting sucked into another contract, although we did get a really great deal on it. Our new phones are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Today, I came home to find Tyler asleep on the couch and Jackson dumping out his diaper bag. And then I realized he was chewing on Tyler's cell phone. I can't believe Jackson was the one to find it! Next time somethings missing, I will send Jackson on the job first. He can find anything if it's something he wants to chew on!This weekend we arrived at church perpared to teach our lesson, and there wasn't a single car in the parking lot. Apparently it was Stake Conference. We were out of town last week and somehow missed the announcement. We came home and decided we should at least take pictures, since we were all dressed up anyway.

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