Friday, December 4, 2009

Nutritional Project

Here is my project for this week. I am always paranoid about nutrition for Jackson, which is silly because he's a very healthy little eater for the most part, but Tyler and I are meat and carb lovers (we're working on it), so I worried about Jackson being more balanced than us. I never really know how much Jackson is supposed to be eating, if he's eating too much or not enough. So last week I got a nutrition chart from the State of Washington Health and Nutrition Department. It gave me guidelines for toddlers 18 months - 3 years. I decided to make a handy little chart for my fridge. That way, when I'm making dinner and can't remember what Jackson had for breakfast, I can see what he still needs to eat. I know that posting pictures of dorky projects like this is really lame blogging, but I put the chart on a "The Office" magnet board so that it's not quite so lame, right? I know that lots of my friends have kids in this same age range, so if anyone wants the actual nutritional information (or if anyone wants me to make them a handy little fridge checklist*) let me know :)
*The black writing is permanent marker, and then I fill in the squares with dry erase marker so that each night I can erase the blue squares but don't have to re-write any of the actual information.

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