Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. This was the first time doing it on our own, and we missed our families, but also enjoyed having time to ourselves. Wednesday Tyler finished class around noon, so we took the bus downtown and finished our Christmas shopping. Did you know that 90% of Americans have turkey on Thanksgiving? This year, we were in the 10%. Neither of us really love turkey and I didn't want to waste all of the leftovers, so we had honey-glazed ham and coconut shrimp instead. It was delicious and might be a new Seattle tradition. Jackson has a new friend named Alaina. She is adorable and such a little sweetheart. Her family lives right across the parking lot, so we have lots of babysitting trades, and her parents are from Idaho so we all get along really well. We had them over for a game night this weekend and it was a blast.
Friday we took Jackson to the zoo. He loves the zoo. It's cute how excited he gets about all of the animals. Our favorites this trip were the giraffes that we saw really up close and the baby snow leapords that did some good wrestling for us.
The boys also rode the carousel at the zoo. Jackson seemed a little nervous about it, but Tyler had fun.
Then on Saturday, we went to the Apple Cup and watched the Huskies play our big rival, Washington State, in football. It was a shut out, 30-0. Jackson was so excited, he was cheering and clapping and jumping around the entire game. I think he could feel the excitement of the crowd.

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Lara said...

We've done a nice baked chicken before on our solo Thanksgivings. We do like turkey, but Justin and I are both fans of dark meat. When we lived in Moscow, we could buy 1/2 turkeys - either just the breast part or just the legs and we'd always buy the legs and have dark meat. Can't find that here though. Did you make the coconut shrimp? Sounds delicious. Miss you!