Monday, January 18, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls & Big Buh-uhs (Bubbles)

We woke up this morning and saw beautiful sunshine coming in our windows, so we packed up a picnic and headed to Snoqualmie Falls. It was beautiful. We did a little hike that went down to the bottom.
It was a little windy at the viewing area.
Jackson really enjoyed being able to run around so much. He loves being outdoors. Today was a dream for him, although he's pretty exhausted tonight.
This is my favorite. The smile and the sunshine... perfect!
This was our little lunch spot. We had to sneak off the trail a little ways to enjoy some space to ourselves, but it was fun to sit on a big rock right by the water and enjoy our sandwiches.
Jackson seemed a little nervous about the water. He kept trying to lean further away from it.
We also took a "short-cut" straight up the hill to get away from the people and the crowded trail. It was kind of fun and incredibly beautiful. Look at the amazing roots. Can't you tell how excited the boys are?
He's pointing to his smile.
I love all of the ferns everywhere.
Then we came home and decided to have a bubble party. Some of the bubbles were bigger than Jackson. My favorite part was Jackson saying "Buh-uhs... Buh-uhs!"
In between Jackson's hands and Tyler's head was a big bubble. It popped right before I took the picture, but I love how excited Jackson is. And here are the videos. Jackson is more fun in the first one, but the second one has the biggest bubble.

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Lara said...

That "perfect" picture of Jackson really is perfect. It's crying for a frame.

You are so brave to take a toddler out on a island boulder for lunch. I would be so nervous! I guess it helps that Jackson was nervous - you knew he wouldn't just jump in the water and float down the falls.