Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing "Srums"

Tyler's birthday present arrived today (a month early... I know).
Guitar Hero World Tour
( $71 for the whole band kit + game... awesome deal!)
All day long Jackson keeps asking me if he can play the "srums". The really amazing thing is that Jackson can actually play the game, because on the beginner level it doesn't tell you specific notes. You can hit any note you want as long as its on beat. So if he's drumming fast enough, he actually hits a lot of the beats. This video is great because of all the dancing around at the beginning, but also because before he really starts playing he does a little countdown for himself, "Two... Go!"


Lara said...

Totally adorable.

Kari said...

I love it that Jackson can actually play 'strums'.

Our Easter present came early too...not quite as exciting, but still fun. We bought one of those jumper things you attach to the door. Tristan loves it.

We love those dishes too. We found 7 at a Walmart they were remodeling for 1.50 each and then hunted down the rest of the set at other Walmarts (since there are so many :). We wanted a set of 8 and now that we have our house all set up we realize we don't really have 8 places for people to sit. Oh well!

Lara said...

I showed Joci this video and she just went ga-ga over it. She was literally drooling. Well, she's always doing that. But she couldn't take her eyes away from the screen and was laughing!