Thursday, April 1, 2010


Do you want to see what true disappointment looks like? This is Jackson after I told him that it was raining (again!) and we probably wouldn't be able to play outside today.
The devastation when he looked out the window and saw it for himself.


Jessica said...

so sad...poor guy! it's snowing here if that makes you (or jackson) feel any better!

Patrick and Shyla said...

He's so cute!! Sorry about the April Fools joke. But I thought your comment was really cute and it was an hour early. You are a great friend and I miss you a ton!!!

The Gotch Family said...

You have to love the throw yourself on the ground and cry phase. My kids do this nearly every day, because the walk to the house from the car after work makes them want to play outside so bad. It just hasn't been warm enough here yet. I bet you guys have enjoyed a lot of warm (at least "warm enough") days so far this year.