Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grandparents, Cabins, Boating, and Camping

Our trip to Idaho was amazing. We did all of the happy Idaho things that we love, and I have to admit that it got us a little excited about returning there in 3 years. I also celebrated my birthday while we there. Tyler (and everyone else) got me a new camera that I love. I can't believe what a difference a nice camera makes, especially since I've never had anything better than an $80 Sam's Club camera. So you will never again hear the complaint, "I forgot to take pictures." Instead it will always be "there are too many to post" or "I don't know which ones to use" or you will just see mile-long posts like this one, which is only a portion of our Idaho trip. Enjoy the many, many pictures. Feel free to scroll quickly :)
Enjoying a bike ride with Grandpa (and testing the zoom range on my camera... they were pretty far away)
Jackson and his only cousin, Madden. We can already tell they are going to be quite mischevious together. We also enjoyed a few days at the Boyd's cabin in Island Park. Jackson liked the hot tub.
Goofy face
Jackson has a problem with picking on Madden, who is a year younger than him. I had to get a picture because this was one of the few times that Madden had the upper hand. I promise I helped him up as soon as I finished taking the picture. Watering Grandma Hawkins' flowers
Playing with Uncle Kevin
Jackson did really good in the boat. When he was younger he hated the life jacket, but I think this trip he just accepted that he had to wear it.
And I expected him to be scared of tubing. He wasn't. He giggled and waved the whole time.
Jackson did really good with our camping trip too. The boys are playing volleyball in the background.
Jackson loves Aunt Whitney. She's a lot more fun than all the boring adults he's used to being around.
This is my cool dad
I'm pretty sure Kevin was letting Jackson sneak some s'more bites.
Tyler tubing
All 3 of the Boyd brothers cliff jumping


Traci said...

Looks like you had fun! Your family reminds me of my family. I have a red-headed brother, and my dad is also an amazing slalom water-skier. Funny, hu? I also love your new camera - it takes awesome pictures!!

Lara said...

Your pictures are awesome. I keep thinking that if I learn to use my camera better or if I were a smarter photographer, my pictures would come out better. But maybe an awesome sauce camera is what I need. Jealous.