Friday, October 15, 2010

Girls, girls, girls

We had a girly weekend with my mom and sisters visiting. Jackson didn't mind. He enjoys the girly stuff. We went to the Seattle Art Museum, enjoyed a cute little Italian place, and even spent a cloudy evening at the beach, where some kind of sea creature must have eaten my sister's phone, because it disappeared that evening and was never seen again.
Swinging with Aunt Whitney Watching the trains at Carkeek Beach
This is the fish slide. It's a little bizarre, but Jackson loves it because of how fast you can go. You go in the fishes mouth and out his...
Everyone relaxing in our messy apartment. Notice all of the purple shirts for game day? We all looked very festive.
Bad lighting, but I needed a cute grandma and Jackson picture (other than the one where she is flying out the "bottom" of the fish slide with Jackson and has a truely terrified look on her face. I decided to save that one for a special occasion.)

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