Thursday, November 25, 2010

Without snow plows...

Monday was Seattle's first snow storm in years. Apparently, this city is not equipped to handle snow. So after we got 2 inches, if that, on Monday, the entire university was shut down on Tuesday and Wednesday even though they were both sunny, calm days. We won't complain because we are getting a nice long holiday weekend. And since I work for the university, my office was also closed on Tues/Wed, even though my office is about 20 steps from my back door. I went in for a couple hours both days anyway because I had stuff that needed to be done, but for the most part, we've been relaxing and enjoying the time off.
It turns out, Jackson kind of loves snow. Too bad we live in Seattle.
He had a hard time with the snowball concept. Everytime he tried to throw one at us, he ended up hitting himself in the face, which is what all the snow on his hat is from. It was so funny to watch, and I still can't figure out how he was doing it.
Like every other kid, Jackson is REALLY excited for Christmas. It's fun to have him understand that it's coming and be able to look forward to it. This is him reading the Target Toy Catalog. He took it to bed with him the first night it arrived, and carted it around the whole next day.

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Traci said...

That is so weird to see snow on the playground! We watched the news to hear about the crazy weather in Seattle. I must say I'm glad we were here and not there for it all! At least Idaho knows how to handle it a little better.