Monday, November 1, 2010

"I So Cited!"

This was Jackson's favorite phrase of the weekend. "Mommy... I so cited!" He was very excited about everything, and he told me so over and over again. Tyler had to go to Chicago for the weekend for an ASDA conference, so we enjoyed most of the Halloween festivities just the two of us.
Setting up for my work Halloween party on Thursday night. These are the two ladies that I work with.
Friday night was a party with friends, but Jackson didn't last very long, so we went home and had a "date night" and rented How to Train Your Dragon. What a great movie! We're adding it to our Christmas wish list. Jackson has been asking for it constantly. Jackson enjoying a donut after Trunk-or-Treating on Saturday. We also went to the pumpkin bash at the zoo on Saturday, but Jackson was a little stinker the whole time, so I never bothered with the camera.
And finally, on Sunday, Daddy came home and got all decked-out for some last minute trick-or-treating.
As a funny side story, Tyler forgot his wallet for his Chicago trip. He managed to get on the airplane anyway, but had no money or ID all weekend. Jackson and I ordered online and sent Domino's to his hotel room on Saturday night so he wouldn't starve to death. But really, when traveling across the country, you should take your wallet.
I also learned that Jackson's snoring sounds exactly the same as Tyler's. It was almost comforting to have him sleep in my room all weekend.


Lara said...

I love Jackson's costume. Seriously the best. And I love all the new cute funnies on the side. The one with the nipple...hehehe.

Friday, when I took Jocelyn to daycare, I was all dressed up as a saloon girl floozy and Joci's teacher said, "You look so beautiful." And then she got all embarrassed and said "That was really rude, not like you don't always look beautiful. I just like your costume." and then she awkwardly turned to the babies and ignored me.

I guess we should dress like every day is Halloween. ;)

Traci said...

That's a pretty awesome dinosaur costume! Sorry you had to celebrate without Tyler...we did that last year. Not fun. We just watched How to Train Your Dragon and loved it!! You guys look like you're doing well! (P.S. we head to Pocatello this weekend...we're excited)