Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last year when Jackson met Santa, it didn't go so well. But everyone has to have a picture of their toddler screaming on Santa's lap, right? Last night was my work Christmas party. I was the Santa photographer. I have never seen so many screaming children. Luckily, this year Jackson was not one of them. In fact, he sat on Santa's lap twice. And when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas, he gave his classic answer of "presents." But then remembered Buzz Lightyear and quickly changed his answer.
Making gingerbread houses. After the party I told Tyler it was time to go and asked him where their gingerbread house was, thinking we could use it as a cute decoration. His answer... "We ate it."

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Traci said...

I'm glad Jackson did better with Santa this year. We tried to take Lainy last week and she started crying as soon as she saw Santa. Yeah...we didn't do that right. She's hated him for three years!
Wish we could have come to the party - it looks fun! Can't wait to see you guys.