Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blankets, Jam, Play Dough, Easter

Easter was a lot of fun this year. We invited 3 families to join us for a big Easter dinner. It was the biggest group I've ever prepared a holiday meal for, but it was great. Everyone brought delicious food. Our apartment was a little cramped, but the kids had so much fun together. It's nice to have good friends when you have to spend holidays away from family.
Jackson at the Easter Egg Hunt for UW Family Housing. He was in heaven. Enjoying the Easter package from Grandma Trish. No, I couldn't get him to put the Peep down and smile for a picture. Great-Grandma Boyd also sent an awesome Easter package. Jackson is so spoiled :) Baby Stuff:

I'm starting to feel like myself again. It's nice to have a little energy and be able to feel excited about this little baby boy, instead of spending every day worrying, which is what I did the first 4 months. We were thrilled with our ultrasound results. I healthy little boy is exactly what we were hoping for :) We've been clearing out Jackson's room. He has been sleeping in a queen bed, which he loves, but it just didn't allow a lot of space for a baby crib in the same room, so we sold his bed and we've been shopping for a bunkbed. We've also been going through tiny little Jackson clothes to get them ready for baby #2. It's been an exciting couple of weeks and I'm starting to feel a little more prepared.

To add to the excitement, my friend Robin made an adorable baby blanket. It was so sweet of her and I absolutely love it! It's baby #2's first possession, since most of his stuff will be inherited from Jackson.

The other day, Jackson said, "Mom, I have something really cool to show you. It's beautiful!" He ran into my room, found this blanket, and brought it to me. Sometimes he spreads the blanket over my tummy and says that his little brother is cold. The other day, I found him watching TV with his arm around the blanket, but it wasn't like he was using the blanket. It was like he was protecting it for his brother or something. He's so cute and SO EXCITED! It's fun to have him understand and be so involved.

The last few months, I have been feeling a little discouraged about myself as a mother. I'm sure part of it came from being too sick to do very much. And part of it came from the fact that I'm just not a natural stay-at-home-mom and sometimes I worry that I'm failing. So a few weeks ago, when I was finally feeling energetic again, I decided to do some of the "typical mom stuff" that I don't always make time for.

Jackson helped me make strawberry jam. He was really good at sneaking strawberry bites and dipping his fingers in the sugar everytime I turned around. (Also, notice the 3 little tupperwares on the counter? That's the homemade play dough I made. Jackson has become obsessed with playdough. He will sit and play for at least an hour. His favorite shape to make is a snow ball. He's pretty good at making them)

We also dyed easter eggs (the Tuesday AFTER Easter). It was a little late, but we still had fun.


The Swansons said...

Jamie, I have to tell you, I think you are pretty awesome at the 'mom' stuff. Homemade playdough? My kids are going to have to go to the Boyds to find fun activities to do.

Lara said...

Don't you mean "spring egg hunt?" j/k.

You always look like a great mom to me. Glad Jackson is getting excited for baby #2.

Meagan said...

Sounds fun Jamie! I know what you mean about not feeling like a natural stay at home mom! I've had the toughest time adjusting and I still have days where I think, "What the heck am I doing?" But we just keep going don't we? I'm excited you're having another boy! Asher and Gage have the best time together and I know your boys will too!

The Butcher Family said...

Just wait...the guilt only doubles once the baby comes! Every day I feel guilty for not spending enough time with Hyrum! Cherish the moments you have now with just one! Two is great though and you won't want to trade it for anything! You're a great mom...Happy Mother's Day!

two forks said...

what a fun surprise to see my little blankie! i'm glad jackson likes it too! that is super cute that he thinks it will keep the baby warm! jamie, i think you are doing a great job! push through the rough patches, you can do it!