Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whale Watching

After how excited Jackson got about Shamu at Sea World, we decided to take him on a whale-watching tour. The whales were a lot more difficult to spot, and they didn't do any fancy tricks, but it was still fun to spend an afternoon out on the water. Jackson got bored with trying to spot whales, but he enjoyed exploring the boat anyway.
Some silly pose that Tyler came up with. Jackson loves being his little side-kick.
Enjoying the view from the docks It was really cold. This hat was my present from Tyler's Peru trip.
Finding hiding spots on the boat was way more exciting than waiting for whales to pop up.
I love his giggling smile
The only picture from the day of all 3 of us. Taking a self-photo with a DSLR doesn't work very well, but Tyler always insists.

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Traci said...

We are totally going to steal this idea from you guys. It looks so fun!