Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The month-long birthday

Jackson turned 3 on July 30th, but we ended up celebrating all month long.
We had his big family party while we were in Idaho for the 4th of July. We were going to be back in Idaho for his actual birthday, but it was the same day as my brother's wedding reception and Tyler would be staying behind for school, so we decided to celebrate early so everyone could be there.
Jackson wanted a Buzz Light Year cake, but then when he saw my mom's truck-shaped cake pan, he wanted that too, so we just did both. It was an interesting cake... definately one-of-a-kind.
Jackson and Madden enjoying the cake
We had all of Jackson's favorite "Buzz Lightyear Green" snacks
Opening presents
This umbrella is one of his favorites. He insists on using it even when it isn't raining.
The week before Jackson's actual birthday, we did a mini-celebration with Tyler, me, and Jackson here in Seattle so we could give him the presents we got him before we left for Idaho for the 2nd time. He got glow-in-the-dark chalk, so we let him stay up late and we had a glow-in-the-dark party outside.
We had another little lunch party on his actual birthday, which included a store-made Spiderman cake, because at that point I was a little exhausted with birthday celebrations. I'm still waiting to get pictures from my sister's camera, so I'll post those some other time.
Happy birthday, Jackson. We love you. It's been an unbelievably wonderful 3 years.


Lara said...

Green must have been the color de jour. Lots of cool green snacks - who knew?

And I love the "Pop it like it's hot." You have a mini Snoop Dawg!

Jessica said...

You have such a cute boy! And I love the latest "cute funny". Adorable!