Monday, August 8, 2011


Jackson developed a new game all on his own. It started about a month ago. He pretends to take care of "his baby", which is a stuffed dog that his grandma gave him. The baby gets swaddled and cuddled and rocked and put down for naps and sometimes needs a diaper change. Jackson also sits in the rocking chair and feeds the baby a bottle. Watching this makes me so excited. 6 weeks to go and we can hardly wait :)


t.t.turner said...

So cute. He'll make a great big brother.

Lara said...

Your couch looks like a professional photo backdrop.

Tell Tyler I said he needs a real doll. :)

Jessica said...

Only 6 weeks to go?! How did that happen so fast?! I bet it didn't feel that fast to you though. How exciting! Jackson will be a great big brother. And I agree with Lara...where's the real doll? ;)