Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Jackson's class took a fieldtrip to Remlinger Farms to visit the pumpkin patch, go on a train ride, hay jump, and more. Such a fun day.

Getting ready to jump in some hay. He wasn't a fan of it getting stuck in his shoes.

There were several presenters there that taught the kids about farms. I love Jackson in this picture. He looks sincerely fascinated.

Grinding wheat

Jackson loves these silly face cut-out photo props. He wanted his picture taken at every one of them, and there were at least 20.

The train ride. It was fun to spend a day just Jackson and me. He sure has some great things to say when you get him talking.

Learning about bees

Our trick-or-treating group. Tyler was in Dallas interviewing for residency, so our friends let us tag along. It was so much fun to go with them.

My favorite house... awesome. I want to do this some day.

Spider web 7-layer dip. I love Halloween food.

Painting pumpkins. We were too lazy to carve this year, but painting was just as fun.

Pumpkin pizza for our little trick-or-treaters

Jackson already had a fair amount of sugar in him, so getting a smile out of him was impossible.

These kids have some silly face. I love that McKyla (blonde hair) has this gorgeous super model smile in both pictures. Jackson has a bit of a crush on her. He's a smart boy like that. In all fairness, he's got a crush on her adorable little sister too.

Fisher quickly figured out that the mini Reese's cups were wrapped in foil, and if you suck on them hard enough, chocolate starts to leak out. Jackpot... but always disgusting. By the way, Fisher was a trooper. He just chilled in his stroller in his little pumpkin suit and cheerfully watched the action all night, so he deserved a little sweet treat before bed.

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Meagan said...

Ahh! You must be friends with Jenny! I'm sure those girls belong to her! She lived a few apartments down from me in college. What a small world! Love the pictures and I love how hyped up on sugar Jackson is in these pictures! :)