Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Christmas Wish

Jackson loves sending and receiving mail. He likes to make pictures and cards for people, and then narrate what they should say while I write. It's usually very cute. Lots of "I loves you"s and "I can't wait to play with you"s.

Yesterday, he brought me a Christmas card that he had colored. Inside was a picture he drew of me. He said "I made you a Christmas card. Will you help me write the message to you?" I was pretty excited. I sat down and began rapidly scribing everything he said while he narrated the card to me. I was expecting some heartfelt "thank you"s for all my hard work. Instead, I got this.

"To mom, from Jackson. I want to say I love you. Uh... I wish that you would come to Daddy's football games every day and bring snacks for me every day. I really want you to make a picture back for me. I love you again. I wish you would put up the Christmas tree today. I wish snow would fall from the sky. And I wish the Incredible Hulk was real."

And that was the end. I swear that is word-for-word what he told me to write.

Not to get too profound here, because we all know that's usually not my style, but I was thinking I wonder if that's how Heavenly Father feels when we pray. He expects prayers of love and gratitude, and instead we ramble off a list of wants... random wants.

Either way, I love my little Christmas card, and find myself wishing I could make a little snow fall from the gray Seattle sky, and somehow find the REAL Incredible Hulk.


robin marie said...

that card is hilarious! i was obsessed with the incredible hulk when i was little - i had several hulk birthdays. i even prayed for him every night that "he'd be able to save all the ladies." when i finally got to meet the hulk (lou ferrigno)i was a little bit devastated. he is hard of hearing and didn't hear my squeaky voice. at least jackson knows he's not real real!

i like that he wants you to put the tree up today -so are you going to!? ha ha ha.

and i like your deeper thought!

Traci said...

Aw, it's still sweet. I love that he thinks his mom somehow has the power over all those things.

And I like your deeper thought too. It's probably totally true.

t.t.turner said...

I love this so much.

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

He makes me laugh out loud. Every. Time.