Monday, November 3, 2014

Hawkins Visit May 2014

My family visited us in May. Yeah, sure, it's currently November. But this blog serves 2 purposes:
1. photos for grandparents and great grandparents
2. every few years, I have it printed into a book, which serves as a journal/photo album

So basically, I post anything I want to go in my photo album, regardless of its timeliness. :)

Feeding the ducks

Awkwardly riding the little kid ride alone

Naps at the bagel shop

Aunt Whitney is awesome

My fantastic parents treated us to season passes for Six Flags. We had a spectacular time and have enjoyed it many times since.

There was a lot of this that went on. For Jackson, Grandpa = Xbox = Happiness

Jackson's first big boy roller coaster. I was so mad at Tyler for taking him on it, but he actually came off it with a smile. He has refused to ride it since.

At the Perot Science Center

Random Fun Fact--This is the same park that Jackson knocked 2 of his teeth out a few weeks ago.

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