Friday, September 5, 2014

Sleep and Thanks

Fisher is struggling to adjust to big brother going to kindergarten. It's been an emotional couple of weeks from him. Part of it is missing his brother, but another part of it is the daily 7am wake-up. Fisher is a night owl like me. He has a hard time falling asleep at night. So he's in a rough transition and doesn't want to nap anymore but still needs to, which leads to interesting sleep in interesting places/positions.
All 3 boys sleeping

Sideways yoga move

asleep with feet straight up

Asleep sitting up

Asleep upside down in mom's bed

This one is Jackson, but its just too awesome not to share

Asleep on the floor

In this one he collapsed mid-lego play

Asleep while golfing
My current favorite thing about Fisher is his gratitude. I don't know where he learned it. It's not something I've over-emphasized with him. But he says thank you for everything every day. It's wonderful to feel appreciated. "Thank you for doing the dishes." "Thank you for changing my diaper." "Thank you for getting grapes." "Thank you for saying hi to me." "Thank you for looking at my picture."  It's constant. Everything I do gets a thank you. It's wonderful. I sure love my little Fisher.

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