Wednesday, April 27, 2016

February 2016

Getting ready for Uncle Austin's wedding

Vivian, Grandma Trish, and June

Grandkids with Grandpa

This is called a paper bag costume, and apparently it's an actual thing

A cute girl lives behind us and I find Jackson chatting over the fence like this way too often

Visiting Jackson at school for lunch

This star rattle was used by my siblings when we were babies

When you order a headband online and it shows up WAY BIGGER than you expected

Crazy hair day at school

Ferris wheel in Salt Lake. Can you see Jackson's face back there? He was terrified.

Valentine box

Dress like your favorite storybook character day (Three Little Ninja Pigs)

My days of her sleeping swaddled in my arms are numbered. She has almost outgrown it already :(

the hair curl

This was sent to us. It made me smile because Fisher was ALMOST named Hunter. Tyler loved the name but I wasn't convinced, and then we eventually named him Fisher instead. So it made me smile to see this little mix up.

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