Wednesday, April 27, 2016

January 2016

When Fisher takes a picture of himself

My dad sent me this. It was the description post for Junipers. "Sturdy Survivor" I'm sure she'll love that some day.

My camera feed is still pretty dominated by pictures of this little girl. She's just too good at putting on a smile.

She's also very good at screaming... very loudly

I love that January = beautiful weather this year

Happy birthday Kevin

Overnight hotel trip 30 minutes from home, because sometimes that's all a busy resident has time for.

Borrowing her brother's old swimsuit

Picking on Sydney - 4/5 months old

Fisher requests pictures of all his Lego creations before I'm allowed to take them apart

January 2016 - 4 years old

January 2016 - 7 years old

Perot Science Center with best friend, Matthew

Enjoying date night at the park while Daddy flies the drone

Jackson's version of artwork

Jackson had a collision with the drone. Ouch!

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