Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our New Home

Well, we finally made it to Seattle and we're unpacked (mostly) and settled. Our new place is much better than we expected. We have a great playground right out our back door. Jackson just stands at the back door and points to the swings until I take him out to play. He really loves being outside all of the sudden, so we've been doing a lot of walks and outside adventures. It's been sunny and gorgeous ever since we got here. We haven't had a crummy day yet. Who says Seattle is rainy all the time? I think their confused :) I'm sure there will be lots of pictures in the weeks to come. I hope everyone will be really good about keeping in touch! Our new apartment: We went on a walk around our neighbourhood this morning. We ended up being out and about for 4 hours because it is so pleasant and beautiful here (and because we got slightly lost). Notice Tyler's shirt. We already have purple UW shirts for all 3 of us. Apparently I am not excused from wearing the apparel even though I am not even a student here. And Jackson has a lot more space for spreading out his toys in our new apartment. Fun, fun! And here is our tiny little kitchen that actually has plenty of space. I was very worried about the size, but I started unpacking our boxes and there was more than enough room. In fact, several of the cupboards are currently empty. Maybe I lost a few boxes in the moving process? We hope to hear from all of you soon! We miss Idaho a lot, but are settling in quite nicely here and I think we are really going to enjoy the next 4 years.


Lara said...

A.) You spelled neighborhood like you were British.

B.) The couches (and everything else) look fabulous! But I thought they were sage green? They look darkish.

C.) Nice carpet.

D.) Glad it's not as awful as you thought.

E.) Is Tyler still doing the dishes?

F.) Miss you.

tisa said...

Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound. We miss you guys so much already. The apartment is very cute and so is your new couch and love seat!
Miss you Tisa.

marianne said...

what a fun adventure to move to Seattle! i'm glad you live in such a pretty place. we'll have to come visit sometime. keep posting lots of pictures.