Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That time of the year

Well, flu season is approaching and all 3 of us were sick this weekend. We stayed home and rested the whole time, and ended up making a fort, because what else do mature adults with a one-year-old do when they are sick? Here's Jackson inside the fort. He actually really loved it!
Also, this week Jackson passed the 22 lb mark, so it was time for a new car seat. As usual with baby stuff, we got guilted into the whole "if you love your baby, you'll keep them safe" marketing ploy and we ended up buying a really expensive one. So I had it inside this morning and I was working on assembling the rear-facing LATCH straps and I went in the other room. When I came back, Jackson had climbed into it and was using it as his TV chair. I left it there all morning and he spent most of his time sitting in. Maybe now he'll be excited to go for car rides?

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Stefanie Sayre said...

way cute! I hope you guys get feeling better. I hate being sick!