Saturday, September 19, 2009

Washington 16, USC 13

Well, we finally decided to buy season tickets for UW football, and after today's game we decided it was absolutely worth it. We live across the street from the stadium, so it was just too hard to listen to the games and not be there. What an exciting game!
Jackson was a trooper and absolutely loved the game, except that it went right through naptime, so he fell asleep for halftime and the 3rd quarter. He woke up just in time for the exciting finish. Then, of course, we had to run out on the field. (once again... we're mature adults with a baby, I promise) Tyler ran onto the field with Jackson, and then security slammed the gate shut before I could get through, but eventually they gave up and just let everyone on the field, so we got some great pictures and a cute video. Jackson was the little mascot for the student section. Everyone was taking his picture and giving him fist bumps.
This was a crazy fan that climbed up on the goal post. Security quickly helped him down.

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Briant Giles said...

Wow what a game...and you guys were there for it!!! It looks like you're having a great time in Seattle...I'm a little jealous, being a big-city kind of person. I'm glad things are going so well.