Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early Christmas

We are going to Idaho for 2 weeks for Christmas, so we decided to give Jackson his presents before we went. But when we saw how excited he got when my mom brought gifts, we decided it would be more fun to space out the gifts, so he has more time to enjoy each one. So last weekend we gave him his first Christmas present. Jackson loves to make tents out of blankets, or just sit underneath a blanket if he can't get it to prop up on the couch correctly. We found this adorable tent system for only $30. It has 2 tents and 2 tunnels that connect the tents. Jackson loves crawling around inside it. Anytime he's missing I find him just sitting inside one of the tents looking around. By the way, if you need cute Christmas present ideas, go to Costco! They have amazing presents and great prices. We got most of Jackson's presents there.
Surprisingly, Tyler and I can fit through the tunnels. We play inside the tents with him once in a while. He loves having visitors in his new little home.

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The Gotch Family said...

This is so adorable. Did you get it a Costco as well?