Monday, November 9, 2009

Motorcycles and Mr. Potato Head

What more does a little boy need? My mom visited this weekend and she brought Jackson new pajamas, 2 new books, and a toy motorcycle that makes real engine reving sounds when you push on it. Jackson absolutely loved it. We had a great weekend together, and Jackson got a little upset when we dropped her off at the airport yesterday. We took Jackson to the zoo, went to Pike's Place and ate lunch at our favorite little seafood place downtown by the water.

Thursday night Tyler was stuck at the lab waxing up teeth for his big Friday test, so we decided to go to Costco. I had never been to the one here, but it was only 5 miles away and we wanted to look at some Christmas presents for Jackson, so we figured we might as well. We ended up getting stuck in killer traffic and the whole trip took several hours, but it was well worth it because of this. My mom got Jackson a Mr. Potato Head Family Set, which is now his favorite toy. It's the first thing he runs to every morning when he wakes up. It's pretty cute how much he loves it. Despite traffic, tons of rain (which acutally made the deserted zoo quite pleasant), and my ridiculous never-ending cold, the weekend was a huge success and we had a great time!


Lara said...

I didn't know there were baby potato heads. I guess if you leave Mr. and Mrs. alone long enough...

And it's weird to think he's old enough to play with "kid" toys, not baby toys. Where did your baby go????

Lara said...

Also, your blog's comments section is nuts. I don't know how you have it set up, but I've never seen anyone else's act like this. I click "comment". Then I have to scroll to the end of your post where a comment box is. (I'm used to the popup kind and I was really confused the first time thinking that I was just at your normal blog.) And every time, I kid you not, every time I post a comment, there is some failure and I have to send it again. And the page refreshed. And then I have to scroll down again and type in the secret word and submit that. It's nuts, I tell you, nuts! You must know I love you to continue to leave comments after all this nuttiness.