Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

My family came to Seattle for their Spring Break vacation. We had so much fun. Here are the pictures... lots of 'em!
Under the Freemont Bridge Enjoying the harbor boat tour
At the zoo Jackson and Whitney were rocking out in the back of the car. Jackson really enjoyed having company back there all week.
Disc golfing... we had a remarkable amount of fantastic weather, even though the weather report kept predicting clouds and rain.
Whit and Jackson riding an orca at the aquarium
Isn't my family cute? I miss them already.
Pike's Place Market
The girls had fun, but my brother Kevin made the comment, "So what are we doing here? Grocery shopping?"
The view from the Space Needle
Out in front of the Space Needle
At the Experience Music Project museum. We made a music video too. It was awesome. I wish I knew how to upload it from the DVD.
Tyler and my sisters got a bit crazy
The picture we took from the harbor tour. I know everyone gets sick of hearing about it, but I think Seattle is such a pretty city.
I just liked this one because my sisters are laughing so hard, and because Jackson's sitting up top all by himself. Tyler is actually right behind him, but you just can't see that.

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Lara said...

You're going to get so tired of doing all the touristy stuff by the time we eventually make it out there.