Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in Seattle

We had a very rainy holiday weekend, which means we did a lot of indoor relaxing. It was a great weekend anyway.
Jackson being lazy after sleeping in way later than he should. I'm still trying to figure out how to get him to smile without pointing to it when I ask him to smile for a picture.
Getting all bundled up for running in the rain at Green Lake Park. This weekend we learned that all 3 of us actually really like jogging in the rain. Jackson especially likes riding on the slippery wet slides after our workout. He goes super fast and has this terrified, yet joyful look on his face.
Stretching for the workout. I love when Jackson tries to do stretching or workouts with us. He's so cute doing his little imitations of our moves.

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kari said...

I love it that you all go jogging together. That is so cute.

I was also enjoying the latest cute funnies. I think all adults should go down slides more often (making up for lost time).

Here's the link for the Book of Mormon video. Sorry it took so long. A while ago I tried to see if there were any more of the Video I have: Lost Civilizations of North America. It might be on there now. The DNA evidence video is really interesting too.